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System for executing semen analysis exams and remote visualization (internet) of generated results.


ATONUS has developed a computational vision system to analyze the human semen, called Semen-Analysis, which performs sperm exams. The system allows the user to execute, quicker than any manual process, the examinations of spermatozoon concentration per ml, track velocity (VCL - microns/sec), straight line velocity (VSL - microns/sec), linearity (ratio of VSL/VCL), motility and morphology (head shape: ratio of minor to major axis of sperm head - and area: head size). The block diagram of the Semen-Analysis system is presented in Picture 1.

Diagrama em blocos do sistema Sêmen-Análise
Picture 1: Block diagram of the Semen-Analysis

One module of Semen-Analysis, called PICTURE, has been used both to collect images of crystallization in "test after-coitus" and to emit reports contending such images.

With the objective to extend the scope of Semen-Analysis to attend the needs of the laboratories specialized in human fertility, Atonus has developed a Computational System for Management of Fertility Clinics - XFERT. The XFERT allows the integration between members of the laboratory through a local net, making simultaneously available the administrative data, the patients data and the results data of the examinations executed by Semen-Analysis.
The examinations and the images of the patient are published in the internet to increase the speed in the results delivery. The XFERT uses a remote site (www.atonus.com.br/xfert/index.asp) to exchange information between the clinic and the patient.
Picture 2 show the XFERT system, emphasizing the three subsystems:
  • Subsystem of Capture and Image Analysis (SCA)
  • Subsystem of Clinic Management (SGC)
  • Subsystem of Telemedicine (STM)

The subsystems do a perfect environment to the computational analysis of the human semen, making the results available in the Internet.

Picture 2: XFERT system.
Visit the Xfert site: www.atonus.com.br/xfert.

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